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April 2020 Proof Day Highlights

A HUGE run for 54BS557 GET LUCKY!  Despite losing over 200 pounds to the base change, he sore up to +2707 of milk and +59 fat  +59 pounds of protein which ranks him #1 for all three, as well as #1 PPR.

Another Genomic Gem has graduated to a proven Gem, as 54BS564 HAMPTON is now an active proven bull with nearly 1000 of milk, a very balanced profile and solid udder composite.

54BS558 DAREDEVIL retained his title as the #1 proven Type bull at +1.0 and over a point of Udder Composite.

54BS509 CADENCE had another great run as he continues to set the standard for all proven bulls that will come after him with his elite daughters that can do everything!
54BS595 TREK continues to pace the field for all NGG genomic bulls as he ranks in the top 10 for G-PPR and is becoming one of the best fertility bulls ever! Trek excels at everything with his sky high milk, deep pedigree and proven cow family and breed leading health traits.

NGG is now the home of the both #1 (tied) and #2 type bulls! Very popular, 54BS596 DIEGO, is +1.2 along with his +1.33 udder composite. Diego has been super fertile right out of the gate both for breeding and flushing!
He is tied for #1 G-Type with one of our new Genomic Gems, 54BS602 SALSA also at +1.2 Type and Salsa is a production monster at almost +1500 for milk and 98 combined components. Salsa is a Lucky Carl brother to our popular 54BS577 SILVER bull from the 'EX 90' Cadence Silk cow.
Salsa is the ONLY combination of breed leading type and top 10 Milk on the market.
The #2 bull is none other than 54BS583 DOBOY at +1.1 along with nearly 1000 of milk.
As you can see above, you always can have the top type AND top milk bulls in one package, just like the top show bull in the world 54BS482 CARTER who is still making THE BEST show animals while having his daughters make over +1000 milk.

New Genomic Gem 54BS599 POWERBALL is coming onto the scene in the mold of 54BS580 PHANTOM as both bulls supply a completely balanced proof with no holes or glaring weaknesses. Powerball is a Toby son x Hilltop Acres Cadence Paula 'V 87 V 88 MS' and one of the highest G-PPR cows in the breed! Powerball is high for components, has super health traits, DPR, milk and balanced type.

Speaking of PHANTOM, the proofs keep updating and each time this bull at keeps climbing up the rankings for G-PPR. Phantom is bred for profit and sired his first All-American nomination this past year. He is the one of a kind full pedigreed, outcross who is plus all over the board that is easy to use.

And, we have a exciting two new CHAMPIONS COLLECTION members!

54BS600 is WINRITE is a Cadence X Top Acres Supreme Wizard former World Dairy Expo Champion!  This bull combines the best show cow family in the last 20 years in the breed and the world of Whizzbang with our best bull maybe in history of our company Cadence. It is all there for you to take this stylish bull and don't just win, WINRITE!

54BS602 FIRST CHOICE is a Calvin x Nominated All American 'EX 90' Jongelur Fancy x Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy the two-time World Dairy Expo Champion! First Choice is the elite udder bull that you have been waiting on as he combines a crowd favorite in the show ring with the #1 Udder comp. bull in the world. Go with your gut and your FIRST CHOICE!